Frequently Asked Questions


I just bought a horse in Europe. What do I need to do?
Congratulations!  We will be happy to create a customized plan that suits your needs.  Please submit a Request for Quote form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.
Can I ship equipment with my horse?

Yes of course. The cost to ship equipment is determined by the weight of the equipment. Your OHS professional can assist and discuss this with you in more detail. 

Am I responsible for arranging any tests personally?

The official pre-export tests must be done while the horses are in isolation in Europe and our partner agents look after that to ensure that the correct testing is done and prevent delays and additional costs to you.  However, many facilities in Europe require that a set of pre-export tests be run prior to arrival at their facility and you may be responsible for these.

What is involved in pre-export isolation in Europe?

Pre-export isolation is required for all Canadian imports.  Horses being imported into Canada will be isolated at a secure facility during which time their pre-export testing will be completed.  All horses will still have turnout and daily care by equine professionals. Additional exercise options are available.

Do I need to apply for a CFIA import permit?

No. The staff at OHS will apply for all import permits as part of our services.

Can I quarantine at home?

OHS is happy to provide quarantine at one of our pre-approved facilities.  However if you wish to provide your own quarantine  you must ensure that your facility is able to meet the criteria for minimum security quarantine facilities prior to be a flight being booked. Please reach out to your local CFIA office as this can be a lengthy approval process.

Who deals with customs authorities in Europe?

OHS works closely with our partner agents in Europe who will complete all necessary customs arrangements on your behalf.

Do I need to have insurance for my horse?

All horses are stabled, shipped and/or handled at the owner’s risk and are assumed by OHS  to be insured unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Can I travel with my horse

For liability reasons, only professional grooms are permitted to fly with the horses.

What Canadian airports do horses fly into?

Currently we offer import service into Calgary (YYC) and Toronto (YYZ)

How do I get a quote?

Click HERE to submit a request and an OHS professional will contact you.


Should my horse wear travel boots / bandages or blankets

We generally recommend against the use of bandages and leg wraps/boots as well as blankets during transit. Horses are in a climate controlled environment.

Will somebody be with my horse?

Yes.  A professional flight groom with be attending to all horses in transit.

Can I get updates during the flight?

NO. Our priority is the care and wellbeing of the animals in transit. We make every effort to send updates before and after the flight as we are able.


Who handles customs clearance upon arrival into Canada?

OHS manages all required paperwork as part of our service.

Can I visit my horse in quarantine?
NO. Unfortunately not due to CFIA bio security regulations.
How long does a horse have to quarantine in Canada once they arrive?

All horses are required to quarantine for the length of time it takes for the CFIA to receive negative test results for all serology for the entire shipment.  CEM quarantine requires additional time for mares and stallions over 2 years of age.


Can I arrange my own pre-export isolation in Canada?

Yes. It is possible to arrange for your pre-export isolation at your home farm in some instances – Please contact us to discuss the current regulations and requirements.