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Overseas Horse Services offers door to door transportation between Europe and Canada, as well as other specialty flight services within North America. We have built a quality network consisting of top agents around the world, expert private and federal veterinarians, highly reputable road transport companies, and handlers with decades of experience in this specific field. We pride ourselves in offering clear and concise pricing and honest availability regarding your horse’s travel options.


Bringing your horse to Canada starts with gathering the correct information and paperwork. We can guide you through this process and are able to assist anywhere along the way. Once you have completed our client information form we will coordinate with our colleagues in Europe to arrange for pick up in Europe, pre export isolation, testing and health certificates as well as setting a date for your horse to fly. On the Canadian side we will coordinate the import permit and quarantine required to bring a horse to Canada, as well as all import documents, customs clearance, airport handling and CFIA arrangements. Once arrived to Canada and cleared by customs we can also arrange for trucking as required on your behalf. Interested in importing your horse with Overseas Horse Services? Please fill out the Import Quote Request Form and we can provide a formal estimate. 


Overseas Horse Services is able to book directly with the airlines to fly your horse out of Canada. At this time we can book to Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States based on the existing network. This process starts with verifying your horse’s identity with registration documents and microchip, as well as vaccination records to ensure they can meet the import criteria in the receiving country. Once we have received our completed client information form we will coordinate with our isolation facilities in Calgary to arrange for the proper isolation period for your destination country, required testing and draft the health certificates. We will also provide a professional groom to travel with your horse. We will also coordinate with our colleagues at the arrival port to arrange for vet inspection as required, customs clearance and road transport to the final destination. Interested in exporting your horse with Overseas Horse Services? Please fill out the Export Quote Request Form and we can provide a formal estimate.


Horse in stable

Canada has very specific requirements for both isolation and quarantine of horses. Sometimes these requirements can be met at private facilities, and sometimes they cannot be. While it may sound like a good idea to do your own isolation or quarantine, there are risks that you may not have considered in the event that a horse on the shipment has a testing issue. Import requirements require separate buildings with no shared airspace between like creatures, while isolation can be completed with just no nose to nose contact. If you are considering doing your own quarantine please discuss it with the team here at OHS. In the event that you are unable to provide your own quarantine we are happy to provide options for geldings, mares and stallions to complete their quarantine. All quarantine includes daily grooming and hand walking. If you’d like to add lunging and/or riding services we can arrange for that as well. 


The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits duty-free and tax-free temporary import of goods for up to one year under a pre purchased Customs Bond. It contains pre-prepared unified customs declaration forms to be used at each customs border offices and serves as a guarantee to customs duties and taxes. The carnet allows the business traveler to use a single document for clearing certain categories of goods through customs in several different countries. It may be used for unlimited exits from and entries into the U.S., Canada and participating foreign countries during the one-year validityA carnet allows horses to travel back and forth across the US/Canada border or in and out of the European Union or United Kingdom multiple times for competition purposes and be transparently tracked by customs for tax purposes. We can assist with both Canadian and American carnets for horses and their equipment. Please reach out to the office to discuss in more detail. 

ATA Carnet


Horses in Container

At Overseas Horse Services we are a full service company! If your horse requires additional or specialized feed, weather appropriate blankets for turnout or anything in between we can assist and have it delivered to the airport to meet them before or after their flight. We can also arrange for additional testing as required for US travel in less than 60 days, or CAN/US health certificates as necessary. If you have dogs that also need to travel the same route as your horse we can arrange for those services as well. Not sure if we can help? Feel free to ask!